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Basic life insurance coverage under Choices pays benefits to your beneficiary(ies) if you die from most causes while coverage is in effect. Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance coverage adds low-cost accidental death protection by paying benefits in the event your death is due to accidental causes. Full or partial AD&D benefits are also payable to you following certain serious accidental injuries.

Who is Eligible?

Benefits eligible employees (if you are in active work status).

Benefits eligible employees enrolling in the Choices Medical Plan must elect Basic Life/AD&D insurance coverage.

  • New benefits eligible employees may enroll in any coverage level during their initial enrollment period
  • Employees may increase one coverage level or drop to any coverage level during annual enrollment
  • Employees may increase or decrease their coverage one level due to a qualifying event, as long as the change is consistent with the event.

Choices offers three (3) Basic Life/AD&D insurance coverage options to choose from:

Basic Life/AD&D Coverage Options
Basic Life/AD&D $15,000 for both
Basic Life/AD&D $30,000 for both
Basic Life/AD&D $48,000 for both


Please review the group Basic Life/AD&D insurance certificate and benefits at Standard Life Insurance.