Welcome to the Montana University System (MUS)! The retirement information provided is to help you make an informed decision regarding your future and retirement. Please know it is important when you are making your retirement planning decisions to take into account your individual financial situation and to begin planning early. The MUS recommends discussing your options with your financial advisor. Please review all of the retirement information carefully.

Retirement Plan Choices

As an eligible employee of the MUS you may have a choice*  for your mandatory retirement plans. Please contact your campus Human Resources/Benefits office to determine your retirement options:

Supplemental Retirement Plan Choices

In addition to your tax-deferred mandatory retirement plan, the MUS also offers a tax-deferred supplemental 403(b) retirement plan.

MUS Retirement Plan Documents


Disclaimer:    Please read carefully.  The information on this website provides an overview of the Montana University System Retirement Plan (MUS-RP), Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) and the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) based on the MUS’s understanding of applicable legislation, as amended and as affected by judicial decisions.  The description of the MUS-RP, PERS and TRS plans are therefore subject to modification.  Should any information on this website conflict with statute or rules, the statute or rules will apply.  The MUS does not provide professional financial or tax-related services.  We encourage you to compare your retirement choices based on your personal situation and to consult with a financial planner and/or tax advisor as needed.

* If you are in an academic or a professional administrative personnel position and are an active, inactive or retired member of the TRS or the PERS you may have a choice of remaining in your current retirement system or becoming a member of the MUS-RP.   If you are eligible, written election to move to the MUS-RP must be done within 30 days of becoming eligible to participate or you will remain in your current retirement plan.  Please contact either TRS or PERS to discuss your options before you make any decisions.